Virtual Publications

Ritual de lo Habitual provides you with a professional solution to creating any type of document, catalogue or magazine in PDF format, a virtual interactive publication.

In this way you will be able to enjoy the contents of the publication by turning the pages on your computer screen as if it were a real magazine or catalogue, but with the advantage of digitalization and interactive content.

By so doing, without making any great investments in print and distribution, you will be able to ensure your documents and catalogues reach your entire target audience in a much more attractive, economical and eco-friendly manner.


Unbeatable reading quality: instant access to the publication without any waiting time whatsoever, the size of the publication adjusts to the screen size of each user and use of the zoom tool permits easy and fast enlarging of the content.

Personalisation of the interface of each publication: Logo in the navigation bar, colours, screen backgrounds.

Interactivity: It is possible to place internal links within each publication, as well as links to emails or external websites.

Multimedia content: It is possible to integrate all types of content, from videos, Mp3, high quality images, Flash animations, downloadable files. There is also an image gallery.

Monitoring of visits made to each of the pages: Access to statistics which will facilitate important information such as the number of consultations, duration, number of times the zoom tool is used and the time spent on each zoom.

Solution adapted to any medium: it can be published on your server or on ours, on your intranet, on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or be sent by electronic mail.

We provide solutions to whatever your needs may be, from digitalising your pdf's in order to convert them into a realistic virtual publication, to the personalisation, creation and design of your digital magazines.

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